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Blogging must be done exclusive from the WordPress platform. Search of the reader must match with the words in the blog post quite naturally.

Blogging must be done exclusive from the WordPress platform. Search of the reader must match with the words in the blog post quite naturally. Images are great, they are said to be worth thousand words and attention spans are shrinking so the more you can get across visually, the better chance you have in communicating your message to the incoming visitor. As with hosting, if the speed of your site is important to your bottom-line, it makes sense to get the very best tools available, and that would be WP Rocket. Various tools can be utilized for the purpose. The purpose of this article is to give an overview of a few important WordPress SEO tips that can be applied easily and can yield excellent results. Separate site can be created for the purpose of posting blogs. However, not all WordPress themes are created equal. It’d obviously be unfair to claim we are the only people making fast WordPress themes; there are other theme providers who also do a very good job of making their themes fast.

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A fast theme is essential. It’s essential not to ignore updates when they become available, whether they’re core updates for your WordPress installation or new versions of your WordPress theme or plugins. It is easy to integrate your WordPress website with social media using plugins. If you’re looking for a theme you know will give you a solid foundation for a very fast website (as we’ll explain here, your theme is a starting point but there are other factors) then check out our themes. When combined with Jetpack, this will make sure your images load as fast as possible. To access it load up your website and right click in the browser and select “Inspect”, this will pull up a developer interface, find the button called “Audits”. On older sites you’ll often find the options table filled with data for plugins no longer active. If you’re using a slow host or entry-level shared hosting (where your site is hosted in the same place as lots of other sites) you’re unlikely to find the very top speeds available. Requirement of these sites are further felt during a move to other platform.

The end of the 10 blue links, and the move to a more media-oriented, interactive type of Semantic Search does not mean there is no more SEO. I, myself, write my works all the way to the end. Comparing feature lists is only so helpful: the best way to compare caching plugins is to see which is fastest in the real world. P3 Plugin Profiler: you may have heard that having lots of plugins is bad for your site’s loading time. The plugin runs image optimization on your own server (which means it uses more resources – but you don’t have to pay extra for it). As you can see, the site uses a modest ten plugins but two make up the vast majority of loading time. So what types of trouble can plugins cause? Besides, you can bulk optimize images, from a large number of images to entire folders. There are a number of different factors that need attention when making a site fast.

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Your site needs to load fast for visitors’ convenience in any time or any place. I am also a business owner and, looking from the perspective of time and costs, 8 days versus 6 months is a complete no-brainer. Are you looking for a floating social media bar? A rather new concept, SMO necessitates making the best use of social media for website optimization. If you don’t have an existing optimized website or WordPress blogging system visit our social network marketing page for information on how to get started with Web 2.0 and immediately boost traffic and search engine rankings. Therefore, it can be considered as an opportunity to gain traffic within website. However, if you want to get deeper into details and not to miss a single tweak that can improve your rankings, do use WebSite Auditor. Pingdom Tools: use this to test how long in seconds your site takes to load.

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The file size of your product pages, including HTML, JavaScript and CSS files and images, contributes to your page load speed. Check out this product description for a pair of socks from Odd Pears. What to look out for is especially bloated “do-it-all” themes which, in attempting to cater for all possible use-cases, produce huge files and load a lot of features that are totally unnecessary. This strategy improves the load time of your site by diversifying the processing load across more servers. Photon automagically hosts your images from’s content delivery network, a network of servers designed to load content (ie your images) as fast as possible. How fast is your site right now? Let’s now return to the plugins you tested earlier with P3. Any one that has used WordPress before knows all about free and paid for plugins. There are many caching plugins available, but two free ones dominate the competition: WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache. Super Cache has fewer features but is easier to set up whilst Total Cache has more features but requires more setup – and not all the features work on entry-level hosts. We have three hosts we recommend: find more details here.

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